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What is Social Engine Forum?

Social Engine Forum, also known as SEF, is a web site and a virtual collaborative community which is aimed at creating a platform for members to share knowledge covering a large number of topics related to Social Engine.

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  • Awards Awards Cabinet 668 AWARDS AWARDED

    We are awarding people who are being active and useful to others. More awards to follow that represents the quality of his postings, activity and trustworthiness!

  • Featured Member Featured Member 30 FEATURED MEMBERS

    If you get more awards, you may become featured member of the month, also you can become a most popular, active, useful member in our website. It's really cool!

  • Quick Downloads Quick Downloads 1,098,180 DOWNLOADS

    You can download attachments and other linked contents from various forum sections. Further more, you can even upload contents and share them with others too!

  • Account Access Types Limited Access Mode 19 USERS VERIFIED

    You can easily choose whether you want to see the restricted content on the site or not. If you have a genuine license, then you can still browse the site on by activating the limited mode.

  • Reputations Reputation Points 79,547 REPUTATION TRANSFERS

    Reputations makes us to believe that, any user he or she is an useful person! When someone posts a useful topic, usually other members will be adding reputations to him or her.

  • Notifications Inline Notifications 8,989 BEEN DELIVERED

    As soon as your contents changes in this site, you can get alerted by our latest inline notifications. You can even view a list of old notifications by clicking notification icon at bottom.

  • My Friends Friendships & Fans 17,676 ACTIVE FRIENDSHIPS

    Customize your profile and be active, people will become your friends, actually they will be your fans who talks about your works and waiting for updates from you.

  • Shoutbox Active Shoutbox 1,394 RECENT SHOUTS

    Did you ever shout at the classroom when you were a Child? This is the best place to shout. Shout anything and others will shout too. But remember to follow the rules.

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Those are for users who wants to try them before buy. Help the developer to build it better by purchasing them from original authors.