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What is Social Engine Plugin / Module ?

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Posted 01 September 2011 - 09:55 AM

What is Social Engine Plugin / Module ?

A modular extension to a specific larger system is called a Plugin. However, they are also other terms associated with the essence of a plugin. They vary considerably depending on the system, a size of the plugin, the purpose of it and its structure. For example a "module" is a term often used among CMS developers to categorize a extension that commonly adds functionality for the end user, Drupal CMS uses this term. Joomla, another CMS uses the expression "extension", however they divide further into different categories "template" an extension that modifies the graphic design of a website, a "plugin" is usually something that modifies the system for the administrator and also a "module" that adds functionality to the end user (also sometimes shortened to "mods" or "mod"). Other names that have a similar meaning are "addin", "add-in", something that is added to the system "addon", "add-on" something that is attached to the website , "snap-in" or "snapin", associated with a simple plugin that is extremely easy to install. A widget is another term for the same thing of similar meaning, but in the end they are all generally user friendly, simple to install small software computer program that extends the capabilities of a larger program. In fact it is common for the addons, or plugins to be very closely interlinked, depending on one another to provide the intended functionality.

SocialEngine plugins or addons are also pieces of software that are added to the core of social engine platform to improve one or several aspects of the system. For example Members Carousel is a SocialEngine plugin that gives a new perspective on site members. Other addons such as Virtual Makover is one of SocialEngine mods that add a completely new feature. Virtual Makeover is a module designed to fulfill completely new functions, these add-ons usually come with installation, set up instructions and other documentation.

Since SocialEngine software is a phenomenon, the community of its contributors and users is growing constantly, it is also constantly improving the range of functionality of the software for the end user. Some plugins such as "Virtual makeover", "News Headlines" and others demonstrate the variety of SocialEngine modules and are able to be used as the main feature of Makeover and News stream websites. Other plugins are often implemented to give the website an edge over the competitors.

Source www.socialenginezzz.com

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