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How to add Shoutcast and player to your site.

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:53 AM

How to add Shoutcast and player to your site.

You will need shell access to your server

If you don't want to use the shell access in your control panel then I suggest puTTy and you can download it here

Download the shoutcast server files (attached)
Create a folder in your root called shoutcast
ftp these files to that folder

there are two files
1 is sc_serv
the other is sc_serv.conf
(these are both linux files)

using notepad++ (download here) open sc_serv.conf
Now a lot of people get themselves into trouble with the max listeners setting,
Please read what the file says about it and do the math. You can murder a server fast with the
wrong setting on this simple part of it.

; MaxUser. The maximum number of simultaneous listeners allowed.
; Compute a reasonable value for your available upstream bandwidth (i.e. if
; you have 256kbps upload DSL, and want to broadcast at 24kbps, you would
; choose 256kbps/24kbps=10 maximum listeners.) Setting this value higher
; only wastes RAM and screws up your broadcast when more people connect
; than you can support.

don't set it higher then what you need!
Think of it from the server side of things.

now around line 29 find


change it to what you want the stream/encoder password to be
this password will be what dj's use to access the shoutcast server with their streaming.broadcast software
like SAM or Winamp.

Around line 37 find line


Change this if you want to and make sure that the port is available and can be used
most of the time 8000 is fine.

Around line 143 find

; AdminPassword=adminpass

Change this to something for just you.
It will allow you access to the admin part of the html page that shoutcast will generate
though to be honest not much to see there, but there is an admin section to kick dj's if you need to.

Now here are a couple optional settings that you can use to make this more personal for your site care should be used
when changing these. Again think of this from the server end.

Around line 188 find

; TitleFormat=Justin Radio: %s

now you can change this so that the song title is formated with the name of where its coming from
for example you could make it

; TitleFormat=Facehook Radio: %s

Or anything else you wish.

around line 208 find


Change to No

Now save your config and your shoutcast server is setup ready to rock, rap or disco or whatever.
you will need shell access for it to start the server, and to stop the server

in the shell access go to the shoutcast folder (using the cd command) and enter

That command is: ./sc_serv

when the server starts there will be several lines of info that really means nothing except the server is running,
just check that there are no errors there and you can exit the shell, simple as that your server is running.

To shut the shoutcast server down enter from the shell access

killall sc_serv

if you wish to check out the lame html page for it then go to http://yoursite.com:8000

**Note on bitrates

The DJ's will always want to run a bitrate of 96kbps or higher, this will murder your bandwidth and unless
your running a high end music site really isn't necessary as most users will not have the sound system
to even know the difference.
The default in SAM is 64 and this is fine.

Shoutcast can be added as a subdomain if you wish, not really an issue, as long as its running
the encoder information to access the server will be

server:yoursite.com (if you did put it in a domain then use the complete sub-domain name i.e. sub-domain.yoursite.com)
port:8000 (Or whatever port you set in the sc_config)
Password: Again whatever you set in the config.

You can add more "Stations" Simply by adding different sc_config files and renaming them, but this would be a true server killer when run with this code unless your running a high end dedicated server I would avoid this. If you do make sure to assign different ports.

I have included the text file from nullsoft for the shoutcast package, its inside there.

Last bit of advice....

it really is simple, people tend to over think it because it has the server work attached to it.
The basic Shoutcast setup you can get by with is simply ftp the file to your server and using the shell run the start command
the basic config where your password will be password on port 8000 and all the other defaults.

OK we have that part setup, now for the site player

That has been covered in other parts of the forum,
you can check it out here

simply change the player details to your shoutcast server details and your ready to go.

If this helped please rep it. SO I will know whether to post more tricks or not.

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 03:01 AM

hehe it's cool rep +1 :) ) i have design something for Winamp like autodj :) )
#include <iostream.h> #include <math.h> cout < "PwNed"; return 0; :)))

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