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[YN] Advanced Blog - 4.10p2 ((₦ulled by Mis✞er₩izard))

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 11:12 AM

Advanced_Blog.jpg  Advanced Blog - 4.10p2

<<<((₦ulled by Mis✞er₩izard))>>>

NOTE: This module no longer requires the YouNetco core module to function and operates 100%!!!

Also as expressed previously, this module is packed same as retail to include any/all Install Instructions or ReadMe files.  Remember, you got it here first! This or this version is not "Nulled" anywhere else!!! 11/09/2017.


Advanced Blog now fully supports Responsive and Mobile View


Advanced Blog is fully integrated with Mobile Application


If your members are fans of writing and used to be attracted by blogging, then Advanced Blog is a plugin that you can not simply miss. Advanced Blog is an enhancement of default SocialEngine Blog. It is not only inherited basic features in blog writing but also upgraded with many new and significant improvements such as Blog Importer IntegratedCDN to store media files on outsources storages, friendly layout with smooth navigation…With these new great features and innovations, we believe that Advanced Blog will bring your members interesting blogging style experiences on your site.


Best Compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.9.x
Product version: 4.10p2


  • Required SE Blog installed in prior

License key

  • This module No Longer requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license




  • Using font awesome instead of image icon
  • When a center widget have no items, show a tip “There are no items” instead of hiding it
  • Support Right-To-Left layout
  • Remove underlines when hover pointer on blog manage buttons
  • Add settings for widgets view mode and number of items
  • Add settings for number of items per page on listing widgets
  • New feature: Export blogs to WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr
  • Improve Upload button color when creating and editing blogs
  • Support Sub-Categories
  • Support configuring customized “Addthis” block in Global Setting
  • Support add Open graph meta tags for sharing on Facebook
  • Show notification when user import existing blogs
  • Change the status label of a blog which is waiting for approval into “Pending” instead of “Approving”
  • Change font color for some buttons in TinyMCE when writing a blog entry

Key features

  • Fully responsive, support Mobile View and Responsive.
  • Manage Blog with flexible searching and filtering function.
  • Configuration on many privacy, Member Level Settings. 
  • Ability to change blog layout for viewers or Changing font size depend on the tag-used quantity and tag-used number behind each tag
  • Update language phrases in the back end and Support right to left Reading Language 
  • Include lots of additional widgets and Integrate with other plugins: Advanced Comment SystemAdvanced SearchSocial Publisher.
  • RSS feed for all blog entries or blog categories with include external sharing with AddThis feature.
  • Auto import blog from URL and add a canonical tag in the header of blog imported from WordPress and URL.
  • Support CDN: store your media files on other sources such as: Amazon’s S3 or CloudFront service or any CDN that uses FTP or SCP.


Browse-Entries-Grid-View-150x150.jpg  Browse-Entries1-150x150.jpg  Front-End-Subscribe-to-a-blog1-150x150.p  Back-End-Global-Settings2-150x150.png




Front End

  • Browse Entries
    • List out all available entries on the site
    • Featured blogs are displayed in slideshow
    • Support 2 mode views: List View and Grid View
    • Search for entries by Title, Category, Ownership (Everyone’s Blogs or Only My Friends’ Blogs), and their characteristics (Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Commented)
    • View By Date widget to list the entries by date
    • Categories widget to classify your entries
    • Additional widgets: Top Blogs, New Blogs, Most Viewed Blogs, Most Commented Blogs, Top Bloggers, Statistics, Tags Cloud, etc
  • My Entries
    • List out all entries which have been created by current logged-in user
    • Search for entries by Title, Category, Status (All Entries, Only Approved, Only Approving, Only Drafts) and their characteristics (Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Commented)
    • Each entry display full information such as Blog Title, Thumbnail Image, Creation Date, a portion of Description, Number of Views, Status
    • Edit Blog Style allows users to personalize their own blogs by adding CSS code
    • Ability to Edit / Delete entry
  • Blog Details
    • Wide cover photo for each Blog
    • Separated section for blog owner’s profile picture
    • View All Entries page list out all the entries of this same blog owner
    • Internal sharing within SocialEngine network
    • External sharing to other social networks via AddThis feature
    • Keep track of comments posted in entries you like by Become Member
    • Subscribe to get notification about any updated information of the selected entries 
    • Ability to Edit / Delete entry
    • Ability to comment on each blog
    • Other Blogs widget displays other entries with have been created by the same owner
    • Related Blogs randomly suggests other entries which have belong to the same category
  • Write New Entry
    • Selected uploaded image
    • Assign multiple tags / keywords
    • WYSIWYG Editor for Description
    • Ability to show / hide entry in search result
    • Configuration viewing and commenting privacy
  • Import Blogs
    • Auto importing from external sources: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, URL
    • Add a canonical tag in the header of blog imported from WordPress and URL
  • Edit Entry
  • Support right to left reading languages
  • RSS feed for all blog entries or blog categories

Back End

  • Manage Blogs
    • Manage all blogs entries that users have posted by View/Delete/Approve/Unapproved
    • Search for blogs entries by Title, Owner or Filter By (Only Features Blogs/Only Not Features Blogs/Only Approved Blogs/Only Not Approved Blogs)
    • Mass action to Delete / Approve / Unapprove selected multiple entries
    • Ability to Feature / Un-feature entries to be displayed in Featured Slider
  • Global Settings
    • Define the number of Blog entries will be shown per page
    • Configuration of manually or automatically approve entries to be posted on the site
    • Prevent spamming by setting Captcha authentication
    • Allow / Not allow automatically import blogs
  • Manage URLs
    • Manage all the imported URLs
    • Each URL display full information such as ID, URL, Owner, Cronjob status, Last Run time period
    • Option to Delete/Disable each URL
    • Mass action to Delete / Enable / Disable selected multiple URLs
  • Member Level Setting: managing for each member level
    • Allow each Member Level to View/Create/Edit/Delete/Comments on Blogs
    • Able to set Blog Entry Privacy, Blogs Comments Option to Everyone/Friends and Networks/Friends of Friends/Friends Only/Just Me
    • Allow User to customize the colors and fonts of their Blogs
    • Allow specific HTML tags such as strong, b, em, i, u, etc…
    • Enter the maximum number of allowed blogs entries.
  • Categories
    • Manage all available categories
    • Ability to Add New Category, Edit or Delete each category
  • Addthis Setting
    • Control Addthis sharing features
    • Configuration of Addthis account



YouNetCo Advanced Blog plugin :: Change Log

Version 4.10p2

1. Release Date: May 11, 2017

2. Best Compatibility: SE 4.8.x - 4.9.x

3. Improvements/New Features:

  • Compatible with Social Engine 4.9.0 and 4.9.1
  • Using font awesome instead of image icon
  • When a center widget have no items, show a tip "There are no items" instead of hiding it

4. Bugs Fixed:

  • Some items do not align on widgets Top Bloggers
  • In My Entries Page, field status of a blog does not show up
  • Not show Top Blogs, Most Comment widget on mobile devices
  • On IE, Blog detail - Other blogs - Field overlapped
  • Main blog navigation is not float left when not login
  • On Iphone 6, showing up calendar field on main menu
  • In Browse Entries page, Browse Search widget show wrong background color
  • In Category widget, icon RSS have wrong position on RTL
  • With grid view, blogs's description is half cut on its last line

5. Changed Files:

  • application/modules/Ynblog/externals/styles/main.css
  • application/modules/Ynblog/externals/styles/ynresponsive1.css
  • application/modules/Ynblog/settings/manifest.php
  • application/modules/Ynblog/settings/my-upgrade-4.10p1-4.10p2.sql
  • application/modules/Ynblog/views/scripts/_listItem.tpl
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/detail-other-blogs/Controller.php
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/detail-other-blogs/index.tpl
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/detail-related-blogs/Controller.php
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/detail-related-blogs/index.tpl
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/most-commented-blogs/Controller.php
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/most-commented-blogs/index.tpl
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/most-viewed-blogs/Controller.php
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/most-viewed-blogs/index.tpl
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/new-blogs/Controller.php
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/new-blogs/index.tpl
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/top-blogs/Controller.php
  • application/modules/Ynblog/widgets/top-blogs/index.tpl



Attached File  mw-YN-AdvancedBlog-4.10p2.zip   385.04KB   328 downloads



[[[ All my nulls require (3) younetcore database 'Tables and INSERTS' ]]]


P.SThis module is truly nulled like all other nulls provided by MisterWizard. You do not have to join a "Fan Club" to get most modules provided by MisterWizard! MisterWizard is: You, I, Anyone, Everyone! Because: We are Legend... We are many... We are outside the realm of possibility!



Edited by Les, 10 November 2017 - 11:14 AM.

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#2 Echoes


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Posted 10 November 2017 - 01:06 PM

I say it very often but you are the best!

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 04:33 PM

Hi Les and SEF,


Thank you for sharing this. Your contribution is the most valuable to all.

#4 honalans


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Posted 12 November 2017 - 02:29 PM

Thank you Les ... Thank you very Much

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#5 sard


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Posted 02 May 2018 - 04:45 PM

Thank you!

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