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[SE5] Developer HelloWorld Bare-bones

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 12:16 PM

"Do you wanna be a Developer?"
Do you wanna develop your own modules and widgets?
*Start with basic widgets
We are starting a new in SocialEngine [5] which I feel is better started with a file used to create your own personalize modules or widgets. This is a file that you don't get in a regular download from SocialEngine, it is a developer file. It seems this file is perfect for the first entry of this new SEF Social Engine 5 Mods & Tutorials Forum. 
Attached File  HelloWorld.zip   238.84KB   1 downloads
Let us first start with the understanding of SocialEngine MVC architecture. [ Model / View /  Controller ]

  • A simple widget is made up of two [2] files. Controller.php & index.tpl.
  • A widget that is part of a module will have a third file named manifest.php
  • Usually the module will need code added to bottom of content.php file (before the very last closing bracket ‘)’ )

When building a widget make sure you create it in /application/widgets

If you want to create your own widgets, It is recommended to place them in application/widgets folder. The widgets in the modules use a common content file, which would be replaced if you upgraded your SocialEngine. The widgets in the application/widgets folder are designed to be static in nature, so their files are not touched unless you specifically upgrade that widget (or never if it’s your own).
If you have downloaded already and noticed that there is no 'widget' folder in the package, it is because we are gonna build it here using User module as example:
Controller.php [sample code]


class User_Widget_mywidgetController extends Engine_Content_Widget_Abstract {

public function indexAction()  {

$this->view->msg=”Hello Widget!”;


In the case above, it utilizes the User Module but if you are creating a whole module you would give it your module name: Yourmodule_Widget_mywidgetController
index.tpl ;sample code] 


echo $this->msg;


 Use this convention to get variables assigned in controller: $this->variablename
Now, if you are adding this or making this part of a module [sample uses User module]
You need to do this edit the content file associated with User module: ({social_engine_root}/application/modules/User/settings/content.php)  and append the following at the very bottom of page (before the very last closing bracket ‘)’ )


content.php [sample code - added at bottom]

array( ‘title’ => ‘My Widget’,

‘description’ => ‘This is a brand new User Widget’,

‘category’ => ‘User’,

‘type’ => ‘widget’,

‘name’ => ‘user.mywidget’,


Always, of course, replace “mywidget” with your widget’s name.

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 02:26 PM

Very good info, I need to find time to start learning to make my own modules.  Or using API's to make widgets.  For example weather, Tides, location, etc...


As of right now, I most need an experienced dev to help out. I've got too much going on to focus on coding.

It seems a bit hard to find SE devs.

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