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Problem Plugin Games

02 April 2011 - 01:11 PM

or a problem with the plugin Games. After installing the plugin Games pages no longer go ahead as the photo depicts. Page numbers are blocked so I can not turn the page

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Request Plugin Contest

01 March 2011 - 06:38 PM

This plugin allows to your users create different type of online competitions such as online quizzes, competition of rebuses and many others. This plugin gives your users unique way to interact with each other. Another way to use this plugin is create interesting type of competition called 'Encounter', if you are coming from 'Encounter' movement, you would probably understood what this plugin about.

In few words, this is a 'must have' plugin, if you are planning to generate some activity interactions among your users.

Social Engine v.4.1.1 or higher KEENONWEB Core Module v4.1.1 or higher (FREE)

Flexible global and level settings. You can define which of the user levels can create, participate, delete, edit, style contests. Contest main page supports Widget System like a User Profile Page, Contest Page also can be customized from Social Engine Layout Editor. Profile Questions Integration. Administration of the your Social Engine site can define contest profile questions just like Profile Questions that is shown when new members sign up to your community. Flexible question system. When creating a question, users can choose type of the answer: exact answer or one of the option from list. Question Time Management. Users can define time for each question in the course of that participants of the contest should give an answer for question. Contest Time Management. Members of your community will have an opportunity to specify `Start Time` and `End Time` of the contest. Prize Encouragement. Creator(Owner) of the contest is able to describe contest awards and winning-places for which that awards will be granted. Contest Styling. Users is able to style their contests by adding some CSS code. Support Social Engine Default Themes. Contest plugin supports all Social Engine Default Themes ("Midnight", "Default Theme", "Bamboo Theme", "Snowbot Theme") Contest Privacy. Creator(Owner) of the contest can choose who can view/comment/participate in his contest. Contest Plugin Widgets - Contest Profile Photo - displays Contest Photo(200x150) on its profile
- Contest Original Photo - displays Contest original photo(720x720) on its profile
- Contest Participants - displays Contest participants on its profile
- Contest Prizes - displays Contest prizes on its profile
- Contest Questions - displays Contest questions on its profile - only for owner and members, who already participated in contest
- Contest Profile Info - displays Contest short information: contest type, view count, participant count and etc. on its profile
- Contest Profile Options - displays list of actions available to perform to this contest
- Profile Description - displays contest's full description (overview) on it's profile
- Profile Contests - displays user's contest on user profile page
- Contest Title - displays title of the contest and 'Participate' button if available(shows only when user is not an owner of the contest and not participated in it yet)
- New Contests - displays recently created contests
- Active Contests - displays started(active) contests
- Featured Contests - displays contests that were marked as `featured`
You can see all this features of the plugin in action, in our Social Engine Demo Website

Browser Compatibility
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Request Like Module

10 December 2010 - 09:26 AM

Request Like Module http://www.hire-expe...ne/likes-plugin :pos:

requires that module-socialdna (at least 4.0.2)

09 December 2010 - 06:49 PM

requires that module-socialdna (at least 4.0.2)

Path root / home / changed after server migration

16 October 2010 - 11:07 PM

help me to solve the problem. my server and then migrated to the root path was / home / mysite with the migration has changed in xxxx / mysite is not Home

praticamente il mio sito non funziona piu perche รจ cambiato il percorso della root/Home/

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