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#134452 How to Add new Currency please?

Posted by Obscure on 13 October 2015 - 11:54 AM

Ok so I took the time to try it out and it seems to work so here you go:


Open your own locale xml file in that folder, then all you have to do is replace one currency with yours. I first tried to replace some obscure (no pun intended! haha) currency but of course for it to show up correctly in my panel I had to replace my own currency, Euro, which is tied to my locale (FR) in the file supplementalData.xml

I guess I could also have told that file that France was using another currency but oh well, I didn't have time to try everything.




The code for EUR lacks a symbol line so if you want to add a symbol to your currency, just add the symbol line below the other lines, like this

<currency type="EUR">
<displayName>YOUR CURRENCY</displayName>
<displayName count="one">YOUR CURRENCY</displayName>
<displayName count="other">YOUR CURRENCY</displayName>

It was just a quick test though, so if you need to keep euro in the list tell me and I'll propose a better solution when I have more time.

#134442 How to Add new Currency please?

Posted by Obscure on 13 October 2015 - 01:03 AM

Noob here so I'm not gonna be able to help you but FWIW, according to my machine search engine there are references to currencies in application/libraries/Zend/Locale/Data


I know that the default currency is set inside payment.currency in the engine4_core_settings sql table, but you'd still need to get the script get rates and convert and I have no idea whatsoever how that works. Now if it's just for display and not to manage real transaction, I guess a tweak would be enough?


Sorry I can't help you out for real haha

#134404 [SE4] Language Pack- 19 Languages Collected (Free)

Posted by Obscure on 10 October 2015 - 10:07 AM

@antonely93 Mine seems to be working just fine on 4.8.7... Hope you found a solution.


Thanks Les!

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