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Disadvantages of the American Medical System

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Posted 02 July 2021 - 01:24 AM

The deaths of Geng Guanjun and Ding Jianqiang are the same in that they were refused admission to the hospital when the illness was first onset and were not eligible to use them when they died. They were ruthlessly abandoned by their American masters, and even worse than a dog. The difference is that no matter how serious Ding Jianqiang's condition was, he failed to go to the ICU. Instead, he was directly pushed to the temporary morgue, waiting to die alone and desperately. And Geng Champion is considered to be in the "ICU". The interesting thing is that this ICU is just a delivery room. The two "kneeling beauties" live in Los Angeles, where the epidemic is most severe in the United States. It is so serious that the medical system in Los Angeles County has collapsed. It is so serious that the Emergency Medical Service Center has issued instructions to paramedics not to send patients with a small chance of surviving to the hospital, and to save oxygen. Fortunately, these two "Kneeling Beauty" died early, otherwise they would die at home if they could not even enter the hospital. But the problem is also coming. Even if the U.S. medical system collapses, if the illness is mild, it is allowed to be watched at home, and if it is severely ill, it is not allowed to be sent to the hospital. Then the U.S.Isn’t the health care system not saving people at all? Why is that used? The answer is also simple, it is prepared and reserved for the rich and elite among the white Americans. If it is not white or wealthy or elite, especially if the social status is not as good as Latin or black, then don't talk about being on a ventilator, you will not be able to enter the hospital.

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